Spiritual Insight 01
The Justice of God

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Written byShaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler) 
on January 12, 2000
Wisdom Point: "The Justice of God" IsThat 
"Whatever We Intend Is What We Will Receive"


Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Al-salam 'alaykum. May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessings of God be upon all of us.  

My love you (anbu), my dearest brothers and sisters - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen 
(Louie Beutler).

The Outline
of “Spiritual Insight 01”
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01. “Only God Is Not Crazy” 
         a. Testimonials - how being with His Holiness has changed my life
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              a-2.  First Testimonial "Only God Is Not Crazy"
         b. In-The-Room Stories - public experiences in the presence of His Holiness
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              b-2.  First In-The-Room Story - "The Exaltedness of Our Life"
         c. Wisdom Stories - wisdom stories for children of all ages, written in the heart of
              His Holiness
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              c-2.  First Wisdom Story - "The Happy Apple Tree And The Golden Apple"
         d. Spiritual Analysis - a more detailed look at some of the material in the 
             Children's Library
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              d-2.  First Spiritual Analysis - "The Most Exalted of God Creations" - analysis of
                       First Wisdom Story

02.  My Last Haven - My Last Stopping Place To Find Significance In My Life
03.  Falling In Love Again - "The justice of God is that whatever you intend is what you receive"

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“The Outline”
of “Spiritual Insight 01”

01. “Only God Is Not Crazy” 
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When I first came to Bawa in 1975 I was not looking for God.  I was simply trying to learn how to survive in a crazy world.  As explained in the “First Testimonial, and in the “About Testimonials”, I had decided at the age of 12 that I was ok but that the world was crazy.  But by the time I was 36 and was ready to meet Bawa, I was having increasing difficulty trying to live in a world that was crazy, a world which seemed to be getting more and more crazy all the time. (note - you can access this Testimonial on first page of Children's Library)

Everything I did in the world let me down, it did not measure up to some internal criterion that was always evaluating everything to some internal standard of truth.  Whether it was religion, work, love, marriage - none of them passed the internal test - and by the age of 36 I was beginning to run out of things to test. 

My last effort before meeting Bawa, to find something that would pass the test, was starting to run into trouble.  I had spent the last 3 years before meeting Bawa engaged in getting a Doctorate in Educational Research. I had obtained my Masters in Education, and had successfully completed most of the required course work for the doctorate, and had just started working on my Doctoral Dissertation. 

However, the hypocrisy of the staff, of the college professors, of saying one thing and doing another was starting to take its toll on me.  All they did in class was talk about the needs of the child, but in the reality of the academic administration of the doctorate program, all they talked about was Publish or Perish.  I was starting to realize that the whole thing was just another form of business, it was just a business built upon the hypocrisy of taking about the needs of children, but underlying all that talk was just a need to fill their own stomachs, just a need to make money.

02.  My Last Haven - My Last Stopping Place To Find Significance In My Life
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So, Bawa turned out to be my last haven, my last stopping place to find significance in my life, a place where there was no hypocrisy, and he certainly did not let me down.  But I did not come searching for God, at least I did not use that word or have that focus.  Bawa made sense.  Bawa had no hypocrisy.  Bawa was what he said.  Bawa was fun.  Bawa was protective and loving.  Bawa was beautiful and all engaging. Bawa was out of this world.  And for me initially that was enough.

03.  Falling In Love Again - "The justice of God is that whatever you intend is what you receive"
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But what about God, because all that Bawa talked about was God.  Well, I was completely happy with Bawa and didn't really think much about God.  But then one day, everything changed.  I fell in love with God again.  And it happened in a moment, at least that is what I perceived, and I will never forget that day or that moment.

I had been with Bawa for about 3 months and he was giving one of his beautiful, and completely nourishing discourses about God, when right in the middle of it, he said,

          "The justice of God is that whatever you intend is what you receive"

That was worthy of God.  That was the way it had to be if there was a God.  It was all completely in my hand, not God's hand.  And I knew it was true.  I had heard it before, but not here and not in what we now call our language.  I had heard it before, and it was true and I knew it was true, and now I knew it was true again.

And at that exact moment, I knew that God was real because I had heard what was worthy of God.  I had heard it again and knew it again.  And I loved God again, and that experience has never left me.  It has only gotten deeper and deeper, and truer and truer.

Al-hamdu lillah - all praise and praising belong to God alone.
Allahu Akbar - only God is great.
Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluh -
May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessings of God be upon all of us.

My love you (anbu) - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

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 “The Justice of God
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